Monday, March 01, 2010

Regular Programming Resumes

I've signed Caspian up for Kindermusik, which is possibly the most Yuppie Mommy thing i have ever done. Every Monday we trot up to Oxford and sit in a Kindermusik studio (aka a carpeted room in someone's house) with a handful of other babies and clap, sway, jump, play with colored scarves, puppets, and various noisemakers.

I do this despite the silly signing nonsense (why must I learn a different language to communicate with my baby, who needs to learn English anyhow?) because Caspian loves it. He loves the other babies, the see-through scarves, and the fact that for 45 minutes, he doesn't have to do anything except play with me. His eyes get all big with incredulous joy. It's seriously adorable.

We had a fab weekend as a family of 4. Hints of spring: warm enough to work in the garden with Annaliese riding herd on K and Caspian supervising from a spot on a quilt. We are very spring-hungry around here. Winter makes us feel like this:

aka rashy and upset.

So what else is new?

Well, K's obsessed with Dr. Who. And I'm not. I've got five red oaks to plant on the hill and the garden, it progresses....I am double-digging the whole thing and anointing it with mulch and manure so it's taking awhile. But theoretically we shall never till again! And I do love my spade'n'wellies. The store rockets along in planning; primarly what I'm doing now is setting up my inventory (not getting it, just determining it, price, source etc) and getting paperwork in order. K's doing fabulous things to the space and then on APril 1st, I will roll in with paint brushes and start spending money, as I need booths and shelves and coolers and... a lot of things.

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