Thursday, August 30, 2012

I just heard a song on my Pandora station that I associate strongly with my single sophomore year of college. My single with the yellow duvet cover that I would lie on and dream of K because I was so sick in love.

Now I'm listening to it as the kids play on the porch of our Mississippi house, painting together as the rain patters on the roof.

I still like the song. I still love him. I still have the duvet cover, too.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This morning, I was sitting on my little boy's bed, watching him put his own shirt on. I said, "how did you get so big?"

And he said, "I grew up when I went to Alaska."

I love this kid.

Also, I didn't know he knew about Alaska.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Store Post

I had to take a bunch of pics today for a magazine and thought I'd post 'em. 

Mostly, I work hard at the grocery and my very good friend Dixie runs the Cafe. Unless I am re-working logistics (we have a new tea set-up!) or running out sandwiches or bussing, the cafe isn't my deal. Dixie sets the menu, orders, does specials, and actually makes everything. Me, I'm unloading watermelons and pricing peaches and calling the milk man.

I knew she was good when she converted K., who is not easy to please. Yesterday he ordered Dixie's special, which included pimento cheese, something he's always avoided, just because she told him it was good. And he loved it. 

It sounds good, right? I just devoured special number 2 and it was ridiculously fabulous.

Our cafe is very informal. But we have a sign we can point to from the front of the store.

Dixie making my special to go. She's not a camera-smiler but she sure can cook.

K's sandwich.

Some hipsters who didn't order lunch. Their loss.

REALLY their loss.

Friend and neighbor chowing down. I gave her the sandwich in exchange for me being all up in her business taking photos.

Lori running plates. She's a good 'un too. Currently trying to persuade Dixie to do special dinners on the weekends. I say the odds are slim.

Kids on their way to the store for lunch. Annaliese ended up heling Dixie make Caesar dressing. She was standing on a cooler slicing shallots.

The super-fancy menu.

Simple but really, really kickass.

K and I ate all over the place in New England and didn't really find anything like the store. Fast, inexpensive, and really good don't seem to exist all that often. You have to go to a proper restaurant for really good food, which is kind of a shame. Because sometimes you want a really good $5-$8 lunch, and if you're not in our corner of the world, you seem to be out of luck.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Annaliese has patches on her tongue. The dentist tells us it's normal. Anyhow, her grandparents noticed and assumed it was from scarring, so they asked Annaliese how she hurt her tongue.

She told them that once, a long time ago, she was watching me cook and licked the stove.

They completely believed her and now

a. they think I am a terrible mother and

b. Annaliese thinks "fibbing" is the most fun game ever.