Friday, November 09, 2012

Trench Warfare

I haven't been my best lately. Not eating all that well; not sleeping deeply; not getting enough exercise; not being present enough with my family, let alone my friends. There are a lot of very legitimate reasons for that (moving-- into a house we plan to tear apart, so what's the point? the book, due in 3 weeks! endless technological and logistical store difficulties! a photographer in town to shadow my every move for five days!)

But suffice it to say K. and my friends and family and even myself have been cutting me a break lately. This is not the time to re-start my exercise regime, or make a lot of lists. This is the time to do the best I can, for now, until the book! deadline is past, until I have a spare unaccounted moment. Sometimes you gotta be in the trenches for awhile and now is that time for me.

Still. Having all these things and people that matter so very much is, on some level, exhilarating.

See ya in December.