Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the fam-a-lee

Annaliese is sitting on my lap right now, chewing on a (capped) red pen. We kind of love her now. I even like the dogs more, now that Annaliese is obsessed with them, so in the world of the family, all is good.

We're heading to the Ozarks over the 4th. I was about to type that it should be fun-- but who knows? I've never taken a nearly-six-month-old Annaliese to a bed and breakfast before. One things for sure, parenthood is a brand-new gig all the time...

There are professional things in the wind. More on that later. But the strangest thing about babies is they're not static, and so it's hard to make plans. Sure, I can do x, y, and z now, but in two months, when Annaliese is crawling? I've never had such a cest la vie attitude in my life (and for you francophiles: I am perversely enjoying the butchering of las francais, mais oui? immature but true).

In other news, the tomatoes are acoming, I've been managing WV's farmers market, which continues to continue despite a lack of produce and a preponderance of negativity, and my morning glories are clambering up the kitchen porch most pleasingly. I just can't grow container plants worth a damn.

Last, but not least, most of y'all know we've been looking high and low for a home of our own.

We finally found one:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

lackadaisical motherhood

my kid's got dried banana on her eyebrow (she's not really into solid foods yet, so don't get excited. but we periodically give her tastes to confirm that she's not interested, and indeed, is kind of appalled, judging by the shudders and pushing away).

Banana is also on last night's onesie. Not to mention a certain...funky dampness in her nether region from this morning's poop. And I'm all like, whatever kid, so you're dirty--- you've got a clean diaper and I got to finish my coffee, nest pah?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

K's first Father's Day

He slept in. Ate some bacon, eggs, and friend green tomatoes. Off to church, where a neighbor gave us bubbles for Annaliese; back home again.

And then we dropped the bebe off with her first-ever paid babysitter, bought ourselves a bag full of candy and the biggest bucket of popcorn I've ever seen, and watched Indiana Jones.

Then we came home and played with the baby.

She's a lucky girl, to have such a good papa, and sometimes, I think she knows it.

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I haven't seen Megan for nearly 3 years.

SShe graciously let us stay at her house in Columbus, Ohio. We arrived late and left early but it was still a good time. The crutches are because she tore her ACL.

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vermont pics

annaliese with her great grandmother.
and her great-uncle Theo.
and her greataunt Liz.
And her grandfather.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

both godparents

Nicholas and Anika.

Anika flew from GERMANY ten days prior to the christening and saved my sanity by doing things like helping me springclean the kitchen, shampoo the nursery carpet, and as always hold the baby.

I was sorting through pictures yesterday and for someone who lives overseas, she always manages to be there--- at my confirmation, when I was thirteen; at my senior year homecoming; in Italy on my post-grad trip; in Paris (I went to visit her that time); at my wedding, my baby shower, and now, Annaliese's christening.

She and Nick are going to be kickass godparents. Between their culinary skills, good taste, and interest in Annaliese, she's going to *really* approve of our choices.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

and once more

i love this shot. so much me and my sister.
irises were nuts in va this spring.
godpapa nick and his fabulous gf emily flew all the way from LA for the christening.
unfortunately, they didn't get to ride the lawnmower. but good times were had nonetheless.
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i give in.

auntie eliza.

Grandmere Huguette.

Baby-- first time in cabin!!!!
This year's coolest project: siphon water from the pond, fill, light a fire, wait 20 mins, douse the fire, and enjoy-- preferably after jumping starkers into the pond, which is spring-fed and FREEZING.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

one rambly, rambly post

you know what: screw the pictures. there are approximately 500 million of them: annaliese with me, with k, with her godparents and her grandmothers and her grandfather and her aunt and uncles and the dogs and in the car seat and on and on and on and my mac don't got no picasa, yo, so uploading is a chore.

pester k. for them. about time he pulled some blog weight.

and besides! i have to tell you!

annaliese is seriously rocking, to the point where we were at a pool party on friday and i told a friend that we were thinking about having another baby kind of soon.

(not THAT soon. one has to coordinate these things when one lives in mississippi. do you know what pregnant ankles look like in eighty degree weather, let alone the hundred it gets down here?)

but saying that made me realize how much better life has gotten, because if you'd asked me four months ago, i would have gone to the bathroom to weep into my hands after saying "probably someday" with a manic glint in my eye.

And no, she doesn't sleep through the night. in fact, last night she woke up three times: two for hunger and once for gas. but she slept from 9 to 8, people, 9 to 8! and right now she's napping! i put her in her crib, covered her with a blanket, and after babbling for a while, she went to sleep!!!!!

these kind of miracles are becoming everyday now, but I am so thankful for them. I never want to forget the hard times at the beginnings of her life because otherwise i too might be one of those moms who are like really? your baby's like that? mine's always been a dreamball...

once, in a long ago life, stinkessa and i were at jcrew. we saw a girl out with a tiny baby asleep in a car seat; how precious, we cooed, and then we looked at her. how old? 6 weeks, the girl said, and she truly looked so much like a normal, pretty girl, that we both exclaimed--6 weeks! you look fabulous!

she puffed up with pride and said, oh, it's not that hard.

i think of her often these days. i think about how it's probable that getting out of the house and into that store was something she did to save her sanity, and how insecure everyone feels about their babies in public, let alone their bodies....I'm glad we made a fuss over her, for a couple reasons, and one of them is this:

people check you out in the post-partum period. really. every time i see anyone for the first time, i catch them glancing at my stomach (objectively not bad but not what i want it to be, sort of first trimester-ish actually).

it's a natural thing to do, but it's kind of wearing. i've actually caught myself stretching and closing my eyes so everyone present could go on and get their looking-at-my-midsection-thing over with. and when someone doesn't exclaim, god, you look great! i then bring it up, usually like this:

well, i was doing really well, and then two weeks of vacation....

i said this the other day and the other person said nothing. no, oh hush your mouth honey, you're amazing--

and obviously I'm totally fine with it.

so next time you see someone who's had a baby within the last twelve calendar months? say bless your heart, girl, you look marvelous.

because motherhood takes a lot of under-eye concealer, you know?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

we're home...

many, many pics and stories to follow.

later :)