Thursday, June 12, 2008

both godparents

Nicholas and Anika.

Anika flew from GERMANY ten days prior to the christening and saved my sanity by doing things like helping me springclean the kitchen, shampoo the nursery carpet, and as always hold the baby.

I was sorting through pictures yesterday and for someone who lives overseas, she always manages to be there--- at my confirmation, when I was thirteen; at my senior year homecoming; in Italy on my post-grad trip; in Paris (I went to visit her that time); at my wedding, my baby shower, and now, Annaliese's christening.

She and Nick are going to be kickass godparents. Between their culinary skills, good taste, and interest in Annaliese, she's going to *really* approve of our choices.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the pictures... and Congrats! on the Christening!!! We both send our love and miss you and can't wait to meet the lil' one.
Also - did K absolutely give up on blogging? I click over to see "Well.." and then click right back :)
again: congrats and we miss you
Sarah Wells

em said...

KICKASS Godparents!! Anika is so wonderful! Glad I was able to meet her! And Nicholas, yeah, hes amazing too!! :D Annaliese is one lucky girl! All my love! xo

Anika said...

I am absolutely honored and proud that you have chosen me as your gorgeous and amazing daughter's godmother!
A 36h journey to Mississippi is a very small price to pay for meeting Annaliese!