Saturday, August 04, 2012

Annaliese has patches on her tongue. The dentist tells us it's normal. Anyhow, her grandparents noticed and assumed it was from scarring, so they asked Annaliese how she hurt her tongue.

She told them that once, a long time ago, she was watching me cook and licked the stove.

They completely believed her and now

a. they think I am a terrible mother and

b. Annaliese thinks "fibbing" is the most fun game ever.


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Maman said...

Not to worry Alexe , it never crossed our minds to question your mothering . We have learned Annaliese during the few days we had her and know she is a master at manipulating folks !!! We take whatever she says with caution . Her eyes have a special shine and the corners her mouth smile when she fibs . A bit like grand-papa's when he too fibs !!!
We think you are a great mom and you know it . Annaliese is quite smart and she knows it . We just have to learn how to stay a step ahead of her !!! We had a great time with both the little ones . Thank you for all the good times we enjoyed , God Bless , Maman