Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cute patootie, eh? Photos taken around 7am this morning, post-breakfast and diaper changes but still in pajamas.

Fun family times abounding. Thinking of going to the zoo on Sunday. K's been putting up a bamboo fence around the garden. We tried to have a date this week, but one of our babysitters has the flu and the other is out of town. So we blew off work and went out to lunch together yesterday. Found a great Mississippi produce gentlemen to hook me up with good fresh produce, honey, molasses, and cured hams.

Life progresses.
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CAITLIN! said...

OK this might sound weird, but I *do* live in the frozen North and I wanna see a picture of the bamboo fence! :-)

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Big Nick said...

How did she get so big!!!