Monday, March 08, 2010

Inflammatory Statement Number One: I think soy milk is bad for you.

First, a request: I'm saying what I actually believe. My beliefs will be easy to knock down because that's the nature of belief. But don't take a swing unless YOU really actually believe what you're saying; let's skip the sophism.

Tofu, soy sauce, edamame, miso: I'm entirely cool with all of these, as eaten in moderation. But I think the idea that cow, goat, or sheep milk-- a product taken straight from the animal and delivered to you with just a little heating (and I'm talking happy animals on grass pastures, not industrial milk) is terrible and substituting "milk" made from ground beans, water, and chemicals is better is absurd. Ab-surd.

There's a lot of studies out there to back me up. Soy milk messes with your chemicals! It ups estrogen levels and promotes cancer! But frankly, there's a study for everything in the entire world, so I'm not listening to either side of the experts on this one.

I'm going with my gut, which says:

A milk made from beans ain't right.


Jon Wells said...

First off, people need to stop calling it soy Milk. Milk comes from teats. This is soy JUICE.

I mean come on, I am allergic to milk proteins, but even I draw the line at soy 'milk.'


sevencardan said...

Boy, after reading that Soy "Milk" causes cancer, I think I'll stick with beer, which, I'd like to add, in these parts can be purchased cold at any gas station. Yum.

Eliza said...
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Moonpie said...

have i mentioned how much i love you lately, sevencardan??

CAITLIN! said...

Nom Nom Nom! I love soy milk! I have to agree with Jon, it sounds bad to call it milk, but if you call it bean juice it sounds a lot better. After all, we drink the juice of just about every fruit yes Dan including fermented barley and hops juice.

Now what I think is gross is sucking milk out of another animal's teat. Are we baby cows or goats? No way! Milk makes my mouth feel all gross. Contradictorily, I love cheese. :-)

D'nelle said...

any opinion on coconut and almond juices?

i hear that both are really good steamed. I haven't tried it yet, but i want to. I'll totally be taking some into starbucks and doing it on the sly ;)

shotz by barb said...

Just give me Horizon Organic 2% and I'm in Heaven...yum!