Friday, March 19, 2010

For Caitlin, the garden

You'd have to ask K, but i think he wants to make each section a cross instead of just a diagonal.

Which means we have to get more bamboo.

Not to mention I've got half of it double-dug with manure and mulch, but the other half remains. I should note that we did not treat the bamboo with any preservative, which means it will most likely last 2-4 years. This does not worry us as bamboo is invasive down here and there's plenty more where that came from, plus we wanted a less permanent structure as well.

Just for funsies, a shot of the cold frames-- on the south side of the house and planted with melons, squashes, basil, tomatillos, and holding my strawberry plants I bought all green with flowers. Everything will stay in until after Easter, which is the set-out date around here.

And some hanging baskets I got on sale sit waiting to be planted, along with the blue planters K made me. I'm thinking trailing Black-eyed Susan vine, which bloomed around July here last year and didn't quit until the first hard frost in November.

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CAITLIN! said...

Aww, thank you! Very pretty - and you can run around and oil that bamboo at any time to extend its life, as long as it's not touching the ground it should last a long time. :-) I intend to have my fence bamboo closer together, it needs to keep out deer and chickens, so I may augment it with chicken wire on the inside as well. I can't believe how productive the two of yous are and how exceedingly lazy I feel in comparison. You are winning, take pride busy girl! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lexie. you make me want to put astro turf in my yard and plastic vegetables in the almost garden...

I want to be you.

Or your mom....