Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Annaliese Tales

Today we went to the farm supply store. Annaliese knows and likes it; there's always a cat and sometimes a kitten for her to play with. We were making our slow way up the steps when she stopped and tapped my knee and said to the kind employee, "that MY Mommy."

We came home and played outside in the courtyard. Caspian was in his walkabout thingie and Annaliese was wandering around as I began planting some containers for the cold frames. She shrieked suddenly and when I looked up, she was pointing the corner of the house and saying "Mommy! Bugs! Scare me!" There were a pile of wasps about ten feet up. I told her that yes, they were bugs, but there was no need to be scared since they were so far away. "Get them, Mommy," she said, and repeated it until I told her K. would take care of them tomorrow. When he came home, the first thing she did was lead him outside to show him the wasps.

Tonight I put them both to bed. Annaliese takes awhile to settle down so we've started giving her a few books for entertainment during the wind-down time. "Do prayers, Mommy," and then, "Mommy, I love you. Night night."

And she picked up her book.

I love having a little girl.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me---it only gets better and better---girls the pearls!