Monday, March 29, 2010

I've got to take some pictures of the store.

It is looking completely awesome.

K's been working hard, the sign-painter has begun, and it is beginning to come togther. My part is also beginning: I'm picking up carts, shelving, and produce crates this week, and am dligently hunting down open coolers for produce, booths, etc. Not very straight-froward since we are looking for used.

But! In the mean time! The kids are great. Caspian seems to have come through his everything, and is abck to being a fairly sunny little boy-- just in the last 2 days, let's hope it sticks. He is not crawling. But he did pull himself to standing yesterday for the first time, rolls around in his crib like a monkey, and has figured out how to sit up by himself in the last week. So he's making great strides.

Annaliese talks, talks, talks, talks, and we love just about every word. She's awesome. Wants to help with everything. Which is sometimes slow and messy, but hey, she's 2.

K. is great. He's going in for sinus surgery next week, an unbelievably expensive producure that will leave him flat on his back for 4 days, but hopefully at the other end, he'll be able to smell, taste, breathe, and not get knocked flat on his back by every passing germ bug.

The infamous pink doggie...

Corn muffins and vegetable soup = Annaliese-approved Sunday supper.

Happy Monday!
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