Friday, March 19, 2010

And then he came home

K. was in Florida for 3 days. Annaliese-- kid you not-- kept asking "Where Daddy go?" and I'd say Florida, and she'd nod. But then on the 2nd day of his absence, completely out of nowhere, she said, "I miss Daddy."

Which makes it one of her first on-scripted FEELING conversations ever, to join last week's "I'm tired" and this morning's "I can't sleep" after Caspian woke us all up at what USED to be 5:15 am not even seven days ago.


So we were chillin' in what I call the courtyard, aka the concrete slab adjoined our house, to someday be dignified with a loggia, and the kids were getting grunchy so I put them in the car! So they could go to the office! (That's what Annaliese said anyhow, and they both loved it. Annaliese driving and Caspian in the passenger seat. Keys safely in my pocket and the emergency brake on.)

And Daddy pulled up!

Annaliese looking at him getting out of the truck:

Caspian crowing with glee and then moving in for a Papa-hug:

And then we went to see the chickens, and Annaliese looked pretty:

The end.
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Anonymous said...

Annaliese and lil C look soooooo happy----and what a Papa hug!!!

All's well in their world!