Tuesday, September 04, 2007

On the Great Cow debate-- and etc.

LISTEN HERE, fellow liberals: boycott industrial feedlot beef, who are trucked all over America, fed corn that has been trucked all over the same America, not to mention grown by massive use of oil-run machinery and over-use of fertilizers ALL YOU WANT-- but for heaven's sakes, eating the grass-fed cow some poor sustainable-agriculture devotee down the road raised does NOT NOT NOT contribute to global warming because that said poor cow happens to POO and PEE and ergo contribute METHANE GAS and AMMONIA.

If we're getting rid of animals because of their emissions, why don't we start with animals we don't eat? Horses weigh about the same as cows, and if they belong to pretty little girls with rich parents, they're getting hauled around the country to jump over sticks and wheel around arenas, ergo using MASSIVE AMOUNTS of fuel while POOING the whole time.

Save the Sustainably-Raised Cows. Boycott Pony Clubs.

P.S. this is a joke. I don't think animals' emissions are our major problem. Please.


Anonymous said...

my darling pony club veteran.
save those tasty grass fed cows until dinner time is what you meant to say.
I want pictures from our trip!
Definitely one of the bikini clad princess rowing around the lake on a sunny day. Yes, definitely one of those.

Except then we couldn't allow nayone to read your blog anymore.

Possibly one of the cardigan clad princess rowing around the lake, paired with a smiling-sister-with-snorkel.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you hated pony club and/or horses so much!!!

Perhaps we need to be less egocentric---getting rid of " animals we don't eat"???--does that also include other large poo emitters like elephants,giraffes---
really,horses are one of God's most beautiful creations and He/She most definately delights in their beauty because they are most impractically constructed.
I say it's not our place to get "rid of" any of earth's denizens. Except maybe fleas and ticks---I could maybe vote for that.

Anonymous said...

:) i appreciated your defense of the sustainably raised cattle! (and not just because my family raises cows...) I can't resist adding a few telling facts: animals, even domesticated, farm-raised animals have been around for millennia. But excess carbon emissions just came about within the past century -when we started burning fossil fuels and using lots of nitrogen-rich fertilizers. So the animals aren't the problem, it's how we interact with them...as you pointed out :)