Thursday, September 13, 2007

why I love my writing gig

This morning, I went to interview a lady who I'd been told to call because she "has a house like nothing you've ever seen."

It is indeed, like nothing I've ever seen; she feeds catfish from her deck over the 5-acre "lake", there are cooing white turtle doves in a tall ironwork cage with a tin roof, and old windows hang from the edges of the porch like other people hang Boston ferns. I had a great time.

And when I left, I bore an invitation to a fish fry, jars of salsa, cinnamon spears, soup, and muscadine jelly, as well as an exhortation to measure my kitchen door to see if one of her three salvaged screen doors would fit.

People are so COOL down here.

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Jamie said...

Hi dearest Alexi! You look stunning in your photos; and adorably pregnant. Muah.