Friday, September 28, 2007

yet another stupid movie

K. likes stupid movies. Movies with no dialogue and Asian guys trying to kill each other. Movies with poor dialogue and multiracial guys trying to kill each other. Movies with slow-motion kickboxing scenes, fast car races, bombs, and guns. It's Friday night, date night, and we're watching "300." Another stupid movie.

We are doing this because K. has been waiting for this movie to arrive from Netflix (it got lost the first time) and he's hard to say no to. But since I'm not allowed to comment on the movie's stupidity (I tried, and he bit my foot), I have retired to the iMac, to mock him without fear of injury.

So, in short, K. likes stupid, stupid movies.

And I hate them.


Big D said...

In general, I like spy movies, movies with things blowing up, and movies that are so stupid as to be ridiculous (Big Lebowski - Office Space - Anchorman, anyone?).

I don't like romantic movies... they tend to piss me off.

Did K like 300? I haven't seen it yet but i want to. I really liked Troy - not for anything cinematic, but because Brad Pitt's digitally-enhanced thighs were the most action I got in 2004... but now that I think about it, I did get action in 2004, and I didn't watch troy until late 2005. So let's say 2005. It was yet another reason this single girl didn't jump off a bridge in *2005*.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how, but my #1 brat of a wife has made it sound like she accepted the movie and suffered through it for the sake of her difficult, pushy husband.

Allow me to clarify.

A sat on the couch reading a book, every few minutes looking up and lamenting loudly how stupid te movie was. Periodically she would get up and pause the movie, and in the silence, mid-intense attack scene, she would malign the actng, script, lighting, content, and anything else she could get out before I would lunge after her and push play again.

Then there were the multiple breaks to "let the dogs out", "get some food", "go to the bathroom", "complain that this was date night", and "your movies always suck."

After a time, I bit her foot. Which moved her off the couch, to the iMac, but only for the amount of time it took for her to post this complaint. Once her platform was used up here, she returned her attentions to me, and my movie watching experience was a glazed, stuccato experience of film bits with constant voice-over of whiny complaining.


Anonymous said...

Netflix? order Thunderheart. Based on a true story; some violence but it happened that way... good movie.