Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Baby Shower, aka the day K. bought out Costco

On Saturday, Danielle and Stinkie arrived, small dog and law books in hand respectively, all the way from Nashville and Birmingham, just to be at my baby shower (I love them commas). This made a full house: Mom and Anika in the guest room, Danielle on an air mattress, and Stinkie on the sofa-- six people and four dogs on my little house!

On Sunday, at twelve-thirty or so, the food was made, my dress was donned, and the festivities began. The cool thing was that nearly everyone was already there-- we were only expecting two locals, so we cleaned up the house and prepared a lady-food buffet for ourselves-- so much fun! Danielle had the whole program firmly in hand, and it was truly awesome to see her coordinate everything from asparagus wrapped in roast beef to the soothing of craft-shy girls into making quilt squares for the wee one.

In due course, Margaret arrived, then Angela with her six-week-old son. Billy added a certain authenticity to the baby shower, but did not distract-- the sweetie slept the whole time.

We ate food, colored quilt squares with crayons, played games (Stinkie won! Woo 'Bama), and opened presents.

Let's just say the little princess was thoroughly spoiled. She's got a swim outfit, socks and onesies galore, two fleece suits, and wee little dresses that nearly make me cry-- as well as a stroller, a swaddle cloth, cloth diapers, all-natural soap, moccasins, mary janes, and a rug and a mirror for her abode, and a funky diaper bag with MY initials for me.

It was an uber-wonderful time. Who knew being girly so could be *so* much fun?


Anonymous said...

A was so pleased, overwhelmed, and awed by the outpouring, and the baby reality. I was also hit by the baby reality when I walked into the instant baby room, filled with pink outfits and devices of cuteness and bodily functions.

Thank you everyone,

Sarah L said...

oh! my friend this is getting so real! I am super excited for you. One of my new teacher friends just had a baby this week. I wish I was closer to send you tiny socks and hats (socks are my favorite... I just can't get over how small they are!)

thinking bout you!

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