Wednesday, September 05, 2007

BG pics

After a month of record heat and lack of rain in Mississippi, northern PA with its cool temperatures and clean glazier lakes was

We had two fantastic rows, numerous swims, and K. and his sister-in-law-- who bring out the kid in eachother-- finally got to go snorkeling:

Not to mention time to bond with my lil sis (thanks to our conversation, I finally tackled the stairmaster yesterday!)

The boys-- cousins and uncles of various degrees-- looked quite spiffy for the Saturday night dinner and dance.

And as always at vB gatherings, there was ample time to shoot cans with BB guns. K. kicked my cousins' arses.

It was the L.P.'s (little princess) first B.G. experience. She'll be shooting cans herself in no time.


Big Nick said...

something about the angle/horizon line of the group shot makes everyone look like midgets. except the young one in the foreground, his arms are incredibly large. but k looks good. very jcrew. im jealous of the grass/tree/lake/not desert combo of all the pics.

mike vb said...

one of the midgets speaking.
GLAD TO see that ms. ponder still maintains her competitive attitude toward tin-can-shooting