Tuesday, August 28, 2007

because It's Tuesday, and that means tomorrow's the weekend!

The world has righted itself.

It's funny how much K. being gone interrupts the rhythm of daily life; after all, he's at work 9-6 when he is home, so why should the lack of the car pulling up in the evening throw off my entire week? I don't know, but it does.

I've been busy spoiling him since he got home, which in our world, means me not yelling at him for forgetting to take out the trash and making blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

Tomorrow, we head to Blooming Grove for three full days of lake walks, swims, and hanging out with my super-cool sis, as well as forty--FORTY--other relatives. Then we board a plane at an absurd hour in the am and head to Charlotte for Jon and Sarah's wedding, boogie the night away, and return to Mississippi on Labor Day, hopefully rejuvenated, rested, and ready to get back into life here. K. doesn't travel in September, so no disruptions loom. (I'm having a baby shower though. September 29th. It's gonna be awesome.)

We had a spontaneous sunset picnic at Enid Lake, about 15 mins from our house, Sunday night with the chicken Danielle carted in from Nashvegas. It was beautiful, if buggy; being a mama in training, I'd brought bug dope.

And due to overwhelming request, a belly shot:

We'll take some pics this weekend. I was modeling the 2 dresses I'm packing (one for the dinner/dance in B.G., one for the wedding) for K., and he rightly observed that I look barely pregnant in one, and unmistakably so in the other.

Have a great week/weekend chickies.

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Anonymous said...

don't know which one of those pictures is more beautiful.