Thursday, August 16, 2007

bebe and the boys

I did not post yesterday because I wanted to put up a new belly pic, since people, I have started to pop! But the camera's in the other room, and dealing with iphoto (WHY is there not a mac version of Picasa?) seems like a lot of work for a picture of my poochy abdomen. So the bebe's fine, I'm hungry a fair bit, and a neat thing happened-- we've been eating very little meat because I refuse to buy the grocery store stuff filled with antibiotics and growth hormones and the natural stuff is hard to come by in Mississippi,I was all worried that the bebe was getting enough protein. Meanwhile, I also found myself NATURALLY-- naturally, people!-- making eggs for breakfast a few times a week (something I usually don't do because of the pan clean-up) and drinking glasses of milk with my lunches (also out of character). And then I read that voila, eggs and milk have protein! Listen to your body, people-- as long as it's not saying chocolatechocolatechoclate, you might surprise yourself.

The other news is we found homes for the boys. They will not be living together full-time, but a lady in Tunica is taking one (she has lots of land, 2 kids, and a lab) and her parents are taking the other (they also live in the country and have another dog), and the boys will see each other 2-3 weekends a month and spend vacations together, so it's a lot better than going to unrelated homes. Nonetheless, I am very sad-- because I LOVE them, especially when I found out they're not getting any bigger (28 and 21 lbs respectively). So sad that last night I had a nightmare where the woman didn't really live in the country, but in a motel, and tried to kill Kagan when we took the dogs away from her. I woke up convinced we had to find another person, but in the cold light of day, I don't think this woman-- who I've had several lengthy conversations with and who offered to email me pictures-- is lying.

So the boys go to the vet tomorrow to get their tiny testes removed, and on Saturday, they will be picked up by the grandparents.

I'll miss them.

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