Friday, August 03, 2007

Always fun

I went to a friend's house this morning with all my southern ladies as she was having a book signing (she's an academic author). And while I was there, a lady whom I know only by face grabbed my hand and introduced me to a rather ugly, bulgy-eyed man who's beyond middle-aged but not quite old. The man introduced himself and then promptly informed me that I had gotten facts wrong in one of my interview pieces about a 93-yr-old WW2 veteran. He then asked for my email so he could send me information that would set me straight.

What I wish I'd said: You're an ugly old man with terrible manners. You email me, and I'll email you tips on being a a better HUMAN BEING.

What I did say: Why, I'm sorry. He was a difficult interviewee, being very deaf and 93 YEARS OLD, but here's my email. Excuse me, I'm going to get some coffee.

And now I shall stew about it ALL DAY.


Anonymous said...

That's why you should never go out socially without your handy dandy Yankee husband on your arm, who takes great pleasure in saying the things you southern bells let burn in your eyes, but never quite let pass through your pretty lips.

mmm, pretty lips.

kiss schnooks.

Big D said...

oh my lord.
is flirting with you a requirement to comment on this blog?
don't make me get out my lipstick lesbian tendencies (i actually had to look that term up, after asking it aloud to the office and embarrassing at least two coworkers with my rogative)

anyway... the moment has passed now. I don't go for the pregnant ladies.

speaking of K, though, you know who's been reminding me of him lately? The dark-haired, bespectacled guy on the sonic commercials who's in the car with his wife or his friend talking about sonic things. the commercials make me miss K. and also they make me want a big cup of sonic ice.

I think you handled that perfectly... you are, after all, still a young'un compared to all those old fogies, and it's always better to let the easy ones slide. And think how much joy that old man took in correcting you! he'd probably been thinking about that for a while, turning it over and over in his mind. He probably felt so *right* and vindicated! and then you, you sweet little thing, TOLD him he was right! What a kind thing for you to do.


Jamie said...

HI I love and missss you beautiful pregnant belly belly!