Friday, January 01, 2010

A wee bit of bragging

One of the nice things about being a grown-up and owning a house is that I'm finding I very much like my own taste. That sounds silly but it's a big treat to get to do things my way and then get to see it my way every day!

We found these wall decal things that look like stencils but aren't ( and behold:

I totally love it! Coupled with K's new chairs hanging handily on hallway hooks, it makes me feel like we live in some cracked-out Shaker house.

I'm also trying to force some bulbs...

finally using a blown-glass wedding present bowl I've never found a use for.

But the big thing today was...

Our super-cool potager-style raised bed garden that K started laying out! Actually, he finished entirely... this pic was taken when Caspian had woken up from his nap but Annaliese was still down. He did the whole thing in an afternoon using what was left of our old scrap beams and it looks fantastic...more pics later.

We have plans to build a bamboo fence (cool-looking and we can get bamboo for free around here) and I'll be digging double-bed method and planting, planting, planting well into the spring.

I love projects like this. Lucky I have such a fab partner who both appreciates my style and executes so very well.
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