Monday, January 25, 2010

Blech, urg, Monday.

K's away on business in Florida. For three nights.

Caspian's good-as-gold sleeping habits are threatening to unravel. He is not sick or teething; I think it has to do with the learning-to-crawl thing, which he is desperately working on. This involves getting up on his knees with no idea to do once he's there, falling over, and thumping his head.

Annaliese misses her Daddy and keeps asking me where he is. She is also talking up a storm, and told me a story tonight about a boy named Reece in her nursery school, who apparently caused her to bump her head, and Miss Margaret (her teacher) was somehow involved. By far her most long-winded anecdote to date!

I am fine and getting ready to crawl into bed with some carrots, broccoli, Green Goddess dressing, a cup of herbal tea, and a book about Carravaggio, or that Italian painter guy. Because that's how I rock it when my sweetie's out of town.

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