Wednesday, January 27, 2010

officially, I'm pretty sure.


I am pretty sure I'm opening a grocery store in the first floor of our building. On May 1st.

It's something I have not been able to get out of my head in a year, we have a great space for it we're already paying for, and I'm not having a baby anytime soon, so I think I am going for it.

I've kind of been resisting the idea. Hey, we might move to New Zealand! Hey, a novel could sell! Hey, I could lose buckets of money!

But market demand and business plans aside (and oh yes, I have those), there's been a whole lot of things adding up, one by one, to push me in this direction, and I'll tell you that it is a frickin' RUSH to give in and go with it.

I read somewhere that the definition of an artist is someone who sees the world in a certain way, can't find their vision IN the world, and so they create it.

I see the B.T.C. Old-Fashioned Grocery as a big, airy, rough-around-the-edges store that sells local-when-I-can produce, fresh bread (not the fancy kind, but just plain bread and rolls, handmade fried pies, country eggs, Billy Ray's milk in the glass half-bottles, yogurt by the quart container, bulk spices, flour, sugar, maple syrup, local honey, craft/more esoteric beers, funky soda pop, seriously good chocolate, bulk candy, pasta, and rice by the bag. I see it as a place where kids hang out happily in a kids' area while parents shop and there's a few booths for anyone who wants to eat their fried pie or wedge of cheddar right away. I see it as a place where we do deliveries and special orders and don't charge you an arm and a leg just because we've got the best stuff in town. I see it as a place that seriously loves food and hustles to get the hard-to-find stuff: bison salami from Missouri, locally grown strawberries from the Amish.

Wish me luck. There's a lot of hurdles between now and May 1st.


Anonymous said...

Go for it!!
Makes me want to go all the way to Mississippi
to go shopping!Do you deliver?
Best of LUCK and have fun.
Carpe Diem!
I believe in your vision.
WHAT is the name??
Need a logo?

natasha said...


best wishes in all your endeavors!
greetings to K A and C.

Sarah said...

I LOVE this idea! It'll be awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Your grandmother,Phoebe would have done the same thing.
Don't forget the lemonade!!

Big D said...

BRILLIANT! Girl, you have more energy in your little finger than i have in my whole body. You totally remind me of this song, "Gillian" by The Waifs.

What an adventure :)

Moonpie said...

I know where you can get maple syrup and maple candies!!! (they're the most affordable, but overall maple syrup is ridiculously expensive these days!) You can have a candy bar like the Vermont country store! and a deli!.. this is so exciting!

Moonpie said...

and you could also sell beer from around the country now!!!! haha :)

Anonymous said...

I love this business concept! Wish I lived in the area, I would be a regular customer for sure! Wishing you all the best.