Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Garden (Beds)

Viewed from the porch. It is freezing, and we are stir-crazy. Luckily for us spring starts coming in February. So right now we're all chilling in the living room with a fire, Caspian in his Exersaucer, Annaliese everywhere, and the Big Bang theory playing (thanks John!)



The idea is to walk down the hill from the porch, past the orchard, and step through the gate into...

the beautiful, beautiful garden, with a center aisle and paths between the funnily-shaped beds (what can I say, we have a funnily-shaped lot).

I am planning to plant a small tree and strawberries in the hexagon one in the back. Tomatoes and melons and squashes and beans and sweet potatoes, with nasturtiums and sunflowers mixed in, in the others.

However, K's done his job in an afternoon... the double-digging and manure-hauling is all me, baby, and it is going to take a long, long, long time. Sigh. The tomatoes still feel very far away.
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Anonymous said...

Great vision---and aren't you lucky to have such a handy husband!!!