Friday, January 08, 2010


I like to tell people that we get seasons in Mississippi. And we do: leaves fall, jackets are donned, there is a light frost or two, and once every winter (in the three years we've lived here), we wake to a very light dusting of snow that shuts down the schools and melts by midday.

It is 13 degrees but the weather man tells us it "feels like" -1 right now. The light dusting of snow is in its second day of existence, because it's not getting above freezing even at noon.

And we've made a discovery... our newly insulated house with the brand-spanking new electric heat system performs quite well until it dips below 20. Then it struggles. We've woken up to a 53 degree house for the past few mornings.

Sigh. The electric man has been out, and fixed something, which made no difference. K. spent a day putting up siding below our perched-on-pillars house, which SURELY does make a difference but not temperature-wise.

Maybe by next winter we'll get the trim finished and spend a week with a bunch of caulk, cos here's no doubt that this place is drafty around all the edges.

In the mean time, I'm typing in fingerless gloves, sitting on a heating pad, and Caspian's napping with the electric heater pulled close and under a mound of blankets with a hat on.

The cold spell's supposed to move on by Sunday, and then we'll be back to 45 during the day, 25 at night. Which, after all, is how it is supposed to be in Mississippi.

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