Sunday, January 31, 2010

A long way until May.

It's freezing and we've all taken turns with a stomach bug and we wanna go back to the zoo but it's too cold.

so instead we're smearing the house with saltines and taking napping shifts.

Putting our babies in weird positions.

Keeping warm.

And beautiful, if out of focus. Hard to keep still what with all the stir-craziness.

(K. not pictured because... no one has taken a picture of the poor man! Trust me, he's cute.)
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Anonymous said...

Really a cheery sight on a snowy afternoon ( plowing driveways is starting to get oh-so-old ),all these
lovely faces--your hair gave me the giggles,Alexe! Crazy baby---

Eliza van Beuren said...

what a hot mamma