Friday, January 23, 2009

Nursery School Style

It's been really warm! We've played outside two days in a row! Today we went to the park! And I dug three holes for my 30+ new trees that aren't coming for another three weeks! And I'm getting free blueberry bushes! And Annaliese has napped for an hour-and-a-half TWO DAYS in a row, thanks to the distraction of morning outside playtime! And today she charmed the pharmacist at the local drugstore into a free toy! She really likes her shoes! She also likes to walk around the house talking on the phone! 

It's been a really nice week. Annaliese isn't at nursery school yet (February 2nd, people)-- but knowing she will be combined with the good weather and her good moods have made this a great couple of days.

So nothing interesting, blog-wise. My sweetie-pie husband is due home soon, and we have a date for a family walk. Dinner, bathtime, bedtime for a cute little girl whose breath perpetually smells of banana and who has learned to give kisses.

Good times all around.

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