Monday, January 19, 2009

After a difficult few days, we finally had a nice one. Sunday included a family walk in balmy fifty-degree sunshine, a trip to the country to see a friend's farm, and two new episodes of Scrubs. Nothing much else to report. K's working at the building today, since he gets the day off from the office; the house on the other hand sits untouched across the street-- our crew came and put the porch roof on Saturday but have been working at another job for a week, the ingrates.

So some pics:
Annaliese in a handknit grandmother sweater, enjoying her first time outdoors all week.

K. enjoying our friend's toys in the country.

And the house, windows in, roof on, and wrapped. Now for the siding! Bring it on!
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Anonymous said...

Just eat those photos up with a spoon---such pretty pretty babes!

The house really is starting to look like a house--patience.

Sarah L said...

House is beautiful! So is the fam. Take care my friend.