Tuesday, January 13, 2009

February 9th

Next month, Annaliese will be bundled into her new forward-facing carseat, trundled across town, and dropped off at T.C.L. (a local learning center) at eight am so that she can sing along, play, go outside, and eat lunch with four of her peers.

She'll be there until noon, five days a week, assuming all goes well. AND that, my friends, means I get four hours a day where I can 1. write 2. go to the bathroom by myself 3. drink a cup of tea without being interrupted and 4. did I mention write?

Such bliss will continue until the arrival of Bebe #2, at which point that four hours a day will be once gain used for 1. breastfeeding 2. changing diapers. 3. trying to coax bebe into taking a nap so I can go to the bathroom and 4. did I mention breastfeeding? Every two-three hours, my friends, every two-three hours for WEEKS. 

(By the by, since Annaliese is long-since off the 12times-aday-boobwagon and recently off it all together, I'm really enjoying not seeing my own rack so much. Nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder.)

I'm really looking forward to having three months with time to accomplish. I sometimes mentally equate having a child to being a really good Christian: it's just not about you anymore, and your needs don't come first. But Annaliese is ready to take a few independent steps-- she's definitely ready to spend some time seriously playing- and I really think that TCL will be nothing but good for us both. 

I also think she'll be happy to come home. Because thankfully, she's still a baby, and I've noticed that after venturing into the wide world with other people, she's pretty happy to climb into a cabinet and hang out with Mama.

And that's just grand.


Anonymous said...

two adorable pictures, both taken by papa. :)

Anonymous said...

She looks like she's on strike to me!!