Friday, January 02, 2009

First: K. and I went to Memphis

With not a shred of sorrow in our hearts, we drove north, leaving a slightly snotty (tail-end of a cold) Annaliese in the hands of her aunt and grandmother. We trudged around a salvage yard in the freezing rain, and then we checked into the hotel that Frommer's rates as the best in Memphis. Twas the day before Christmas Eve, with nary another soul in sight.

Despite the unoccupied hotel and the heavily-dropping-hints about our "first night away from baby" routine, we didn't get any kind of free upgrade. In fact, K. walked into our reserved room (a king-sized suite, no less) and pronounced it and its view of the boilers unacceptable.

So we paid a little more and moved to the 14th floor. This was the view from our room, and yes, that's the Mississippi-- it was right THERE. Like two blocks.

We ventured back out into the cold and the rain, sans umbrella because K's a chickenhead, and found the most amazing little nut shop, run by charming Middle-Eastern Muslim folk, who were adorable together and who pressed freshly roasted Mississippi pecans upon us.

Dinner at a so-so Thai restaurant, baths in the soaking tub, and just a few phone calls from Mom and Eliza, since 1. Dido had run away and 2. The power went out. Right after Annaliese finally fell asleep after extended hissies. And it stayed out for two hours. On a very cold night.

But we are opportunists, K. and I, and so we went to sleep in the king-sized bed under the down duvet with not a shred of guilt. See? Do we look troubled? Hurried? No.
When we got home in the late afternoon, after two grocery stores, an art store, and the hour-and-a-half drive, we found a very tired grandmother and aunt (Eliza: "Annaliese is walking birth control") as well as a thoroughly tuckered-out little girl who snuggled into our arms, gave us wet kisses, and was happier to see us than we'd ever seen before.

The 28-hours away was truly lovely. And good for all of us-- Annaliese to learn we do come back, K. and I for obvious reasons, and Mom and Eliza because they got to give us the BEST GIFT EVER and feel like the total champions that they were, coping with power outages and the world's stinkiest dog with admirable aplomb.

It was a good start to a great Christmas.
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Big D said...

note to Miss Eliza -
It's a good thing that the little stinker is birth control for you, because even when I logically think "my god, waking up every three hours... dealing with screaming fits... cleaning up poo..." my lizard brain is still like BUTIWANTONEGETYERPANTSOFF!!!!!!

i think maybe i have some sort of mental retardation going on.