Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas Sligthly Later Noon

Caitlin and Jim gifted us with LOADS of fantastic citrus, all sweetly individually packaged. We've been eating tangerines and grapefruits like madmen ever since!
Mom gave us a kick-butt Dutch Oven, which we've already used three times. I swear it works some kind of alchemy... the duck we had later in the day was fantastic, and the lentil-and-ham soup I made with leftovers turned out so great that even Annaliese liked it.

No word yet on how Eliza likes her longed-for crockpot. She's been too busy jet-setting into NYC for New Years to try it out, but rumour has it she's making a three-bean venison chili tomorrow.

And Annaliese received some wonderful gifts from her grandparents up north, including a particularly beatuiful knitted cardigan made by her Swiss great-grandmother years before. She's already worn it three times-- being gray and yellow and blue, it goes great with jeans and her new sneakers.

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