Friday, January 09, 2009

The First Meal He's Made Himself in Days, And--

Last night K. came home at 9:30 pm after working at the building. He came to bed, where I was reading, and brought a pastrami sandwich on a kaiser roll, as well as assorted candy, plus a plaque of Ritter chocolate with crunchy stuff in the middle.

It is as if the man is trying to make my head explode.

(and fyi: been craving pastrami but can't eat it without microwaving it cos I'm pregnant/listeriosis. also, K. doesn't share candy. Ever.)


Anonymous said...

oh! Kagan told me all he had for lunch yesterday was doritos and two packs of mini doughnuts!

Able Ponder said...

I didn't make him lunch. But I did make him breakfast and then a stirfry dinner BEFORE he went to work on the building.

Anonymous said...

about the pregnant part----I dropped by to visit your Grandpa today and as he was going out the door to take his daily walk,asked him teasingly--because his short term memory has gotten a little flaky--so what is it we're expecting for Memorial Day this year and without missing a beat, he answered " twin boys"---
he is soooooo excited!
very cute-

Anonymous said...

mmmmhmmmm, never share his candy, except for every time he leaves any unguarded and it mysteriously dissapears. Now which do you think came first, the paranoia about guarding candy, or the dissapearing trick??

As for bringing food to bed, the previous night, when I came home from the building hungry and brought tortillla chips to bed, there was not a sound of grumbling, only the camaraderie of falling crumbs and pleasant crunching. So there.