Thursday, December 27, 2007

Twas the day before Due Date

No L.P. yet. Despite the fact that I am now officially "ready." So, I am NOT thinking about it, since I will exhaust myself if given any mental freedom. K. will handle all phone calls. Do not call and ask me if I'm excited, how I'm doing, etc... I am doing my best to forget the fact that I could be having a baby any MINUTE and yet I am not.

Being on vacation at home with K. is LOVELY. We've watched three old Cary Grant movies and taken a bunch of long walks during the daylight-- when do I ever get to see my husband in the afternoon?!?!.

We think these are cypresses, as spotted in the nature preserve where we tromped for a good few miles on Monday, but we're not sure. But they sure are pretty.

As well as walking, K. has cooked and cooked and cooked. The beef French stew was fab; the homemade cake doughnuts (my mom gave him an antique doughnut puncher for Christmas) are delicious:

But the true Christmas miracle is the cauliflower casserole he made with these:

I went out to cut off the last of the broccoli and lo and behold, I found white gold. We'd given up on the cauliflower plants, so it truly is a miracle-- and on Christmas itself!

Today, we head up to Memphis to see the midwives. We're also going to stock up on library books, hormone-free meat, and organic milk; then we'll be here.

Not waiting, not waiting at all.

*Addendum: the pills in the background are for Shadow; the vino for the beef stew. Just in case you were secretly judging me.


Big D said...

I wouldn't judge about the wine or the pills - i would, more likely, be jealous ;) just like i'm jealous of the doughnuts! WOW!

K is not allowed to make those anytime near when I visit. I would turn IN to a doughnut. I'm surprised that, after cooking two turkeys over the course of 30 days, I haven't grown wings and a gizzard.

Those trees are AMAZING - and I love that you can see Dido in the background. I bet the girls are having so much fun, getting to hang out with both of you so much!

i am going to send you an email - this reply risks getting off-topic and bogged in minutiae.

random fact: did you know that if "rental" income comes from a fiance instead of a roommate, you can consider it income for the purposes of qualifying for a home loan? ::sigh::


Sarah L said...

Thanks for the clarification--I was indeed sitting here in a random free internet zone in the Singapore airport judging you.

I second the jealousy over the doughnuts. Those look awesome. I need to get myself a husband aparently!