Thursday, December 20, 2007

The geese are getting fat

The midwives are coming for a house visit today. It's kind of fun to say that; the midwives are coming, the midwives are coming!

We have a holiday party tonight, K's last day of work for a bit is tomorrow, and I decided we're having savory beef bourginoun or however you spell that for Christmas day. The dogs are sulking, because I can't make it stop raining and they don't LIKE the rain, why would I punish them so?

In my last stock-up at the library, I checked out "PLENTY" a book by these crazy Canadians who spent a year eating food from within a 100-mi radius of their home. The guy was talking about why he felt compelled to take on this experiment. Unlike a lot of treehuggers, he says that he didn't think it mattered in the scheme of things; that his reduction of fossil fuels, etc., doesn't make an overall difference-- and so then, why do it?

The answer he had came from another person: how, then, shall I live?

That resonated with me. It's the answer as to why I am having this baby at home, as to why we pay off our credit card every month, as to why I try to clean the baseboards every six months or so and iron the pretty pillowcases with lavender water. I only get one life, as far as I can tell-- and how shall I live?

This is one of the Christmas photos we didn't use, mostly because of K's expression, but it tickles me nonetheless:

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Big D said...

i, for one, TOTALLY DIG K's expression.

yeah, not really appropriate for Christmas cards, but totally awesome nonetheless.

that's the one I would frame and hang on the wall!

thinking about you 5 all the time.
Why don't the puppies like the rain?
Madeline hates it too, but I think that it's because she doesn't like her paws wet. Lord forgive me, i bought her some boots (i figured i had to have at least one mad purchase with my "mad money" from working at the Review... when all of it goes to groceries i get depressed). Do they not like it b/c they don't like the rain hitting their faces?

I was thinking i should invent a dog umbrella that you can hold from the top instead of the bottom, so that you could hold it over the dog. that really helped in convincing Madeline to poop outside rather than getting pissy and refusing to poop until i take her back inside...