Monday, December 10, 2007

My sisters-in-law and Jim are here, all the way from snowy Vermont, for a visit. We've got three laptops on the kitchen table and K's little sister on the Imac, a Christmas tree with wrapped presents under it, and unseasonably warm weather to keep us company.

But as promised, pics:
My beautiful and disbelieving Mama, last Tuesday:

Our living room on Sunday, as we awaited the arrival of the Northeners:

A hint of our ginormous Christmas tree, which has filled the house with the smell of cedar:

And a complete view of the baby's room, now that my darling K. fixed the window I shattered, and I made the curtains myself!

And a close-up of the basket and crib. Rumor is, there's going to be a baby in them sometime soon.

*the color of the baby's room changes in every picture-- and none of them are right!

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em said...

I hope we can visit sooooon!!
All my love! XOXO