Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas, Baby

Well, K. stole my post thunder. Seeing as our visitors were his siblings and he was long overdue for a post anyhow, I direct you to his blog.
I've been waiting for the baby to drop for weeks now. Since my big fear about all this is not that I won't be able to make it through labor, but rather that I will never EVER go into labor and will remain pregnant until they hook me up to an IV and jumpstart the baby-expelling thing with the aid of Pitocin, a drug I've heard too many bad things about, the fact that I have not woken and found a feeling of "lightness in the chest and bowling ball in the pelvis" has been alarming.

Nonetheless, the baby apparently dropped. I just didn't notice. My Literary Club ladies did; "you're lower," they all said when I saw them on Friday. And then someone asked how my acid reflux was doing; "much better," I said, and she nodded knowingly. When the baby drops, your stomach gets a little breathing room and the reflux chills out.

On the other hand, the bladder gets even LESS room. And that's definitely been the case. So, add all these things together, and I'm forced to conclude that my baby DROPPED and I missed it. I always expect these things to be more dramatic then they actually are.

My focus for the coming weeks is getting reduced to Christmas and baby. I turned in my last batch of proofing last week, and I'll write my last weekly article tomorrow; the novel's going to sit for awhile sans daily requirements. It's a definite perk of being self-employed/not making much money: flexibility! I'll be back doing my regular stuff mid-late-January, but for now, I get to putter around the house, take long walks, do the list of things my midwives have told me (raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, perineal "massage" (don't ask), squats, and Kegel after Kegel after Kegel. Not to mention eating well, taking walks, and regular napping. I can think of worse things :) )

K's going on vacay next Friday, so hopefully we'll have some time to catch up, hang out, and dream before the little princess gets here.

I know this child is going to hate being born around the holidays, but for us-- it's been really sweet and nice, what with the general air of festivity and the get-everything-done-before-the-24th mentality.

I imagine I'll be posting a lot these coming days. Prepare for rambling. And Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Pretty tree--is that a cedar??? Your house must smell so nice---

Miss you ,honey!

Big D said...

every time my google reader shows that there's a new post from you, i get a little giddy with nervousness.

omgwtf, K has a blog.
i'm on that like white on rice! (i'm saying that a lot today, i don't know why)

I'm sorry you have to pee so much... Madeline could sympathize with you. She pees like every 5 seconds.