Monday, December 31, 2007

The last day of the year

And still no Petunia. K.'s been remarkably gracious about watching his cherished dream of a tax deduction fade away; I've been less so. Man, am I bad at waiting.

The only things to keep me sane are walking and work. And so yesterday we drove out to Enid Lake, trekked across lake bed with some very dirty dogs for nearly two hours; we came home and I ended up turning over the garden. That's right, shoveling at 40+ weeks pregnant while K. cleaned the truck and the car.

The upside of all this is that we're doing projects we might never have had time for.

Exhibit A, our new (from K's building) kitchen door, which revolutionizes our kitchen experience with its large pane of glass:

And the new curtains in the guest room (we've got them in our room too), which lets light in and keeps prying eyes out:

The first box cushion for the soon-to-be-slipcovered old blue couch:

And a very snoozy husband, who has slept late every day and shows no signs of tiring of the luxury:

1 comment:

Big D said...

I am sincerely sorry that your tax break is becoming a distant memory! I was really rooting for y'all!

1. i love the kitchen door - the added light was much needed, and now you can see who's coming down the road from downtown!

2. I'm excited about the new guest room curtains... getting naked in that room will be much easier now! ;)

3. I am INCREASINGLY envious of your sewing skillZ... that couch is going to look AMAZING and you are so talented. ::sigh:: you're such a good wife!