Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hold Yer Horses

Baby Protocol:

K. has a call and email list. So you will ALL know after she gets here. Mkay?

Merry Christmas, everyone! I'm off to take a nap.

More belly pics (taken on Thursday, one day shy of 39 weeks):


Mel Francis said...

damn you're cute. I was never that cute...I also never made it to 39 weeks...LOL

Merry Christmas you guys!

Carrefour said...

Next time, I'm going to be nine months pregnant in the winter instead of July/August. 105 degrees. blech.

You look awesome. Home stretch!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!Doin'good,baby!

Sarah said...

Holy CRAP I haven't been here in a while! Bad Sarah, Bad, BAD! :)
Anyways - you are simply gorgeous and glowing, as always, and I am simply THRILLED that you guys are having such a great holiday. Good luck with the LP, and I can't wait to read the baby growing and novel being published blogs that are destined to happen.
Jon and I are thinking about you guys!
Love love LOVE from Charlotte!