Thursday, December 06, 2007

So it is Thursday, sunny, and chilly; I wore a hat, scarf, and 2 sweaters on my walk this morning with the dogs. I've got my nanook boots on now and the electric heater parked next to the desk.

and tomorrow, it's supposed to be mid-70s.

Winter is MESSING with me, y'all.


my mom came and went during a really nice visit during my midwife-freakout week. She can't talk about me having a homebirth because it makes her sick to her stomach, but she did help me make Christmas ornaments and bought me a barbeque sandwich. She'll be back mid-January-- woo!

and on Sunday (?), K's sisters and brother-in-law arrive for a week of HELPING ME PREPARE. It's going to be so much fun; I haven't thought about repainting or anything. Because if I do, C. will do this:

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Anonymous said...

So, question. It's stinkie. How to they know when to come stay with you? Do you call them when you start having labor pains? What if the baby comes really fast? I know that is unlikely with a first child- but the midwife is traveling from Memphis, right?
Dreamed I was with you when you went into labor- your mom and Eleza were there too. The midwives had not arrived yet. Dreamed you called the baby Cassie- for Cassandra. Not telling you what to call it, just finding it crazy that I keep having dreams about you and the baby. Guess I'm always thinking about you subconsciously. :). Love you always.