Wednesday, April 18, 2007


There's no need to badmouth the agent, y'all. It's fine. Rejection is part of the game; I bounce back after a day.

Alice and Sam continues....I want to be done drafting by the end-of-July beach vacation, and then spend a few months revising and cleaning it up, etc. I can't seem to make myself revise as I draft.

In other news, I got voted to be on the Board of Directors for this Main Street organization we're involved in. I'm dead excited, and K. is dead jealous. He's the chairman of the economic restructuring committee though, so he doesn't have much to whine about. The whole thing kicks off in June, and I'm hopeful it'll make a real difference.


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Anonymous said...

I wanted to be on the board.

It's fun being married to a director though. She takes it all so seriously, which means she'll probably be better at it than I would.