Monday, April 23, 2007

hear ye, hear ye

Despite the random ranter on the "God Stuff" post below, K. and I spend a great deal of time expending energy on various projects, to prove to ourselves that we can affect our immediate world.

Hence, the living room (and our bedroom, and the guest room, but you only get pics of one).

There is something so exhilerating-- nay, intoxicating-- about moving everything ones owns around in completely new patterns. Why can't the TV go on the mantel, and the couch over here?

It makes the whole house seem fresh, and it's called immediate gratification, my friends. Go forth and move your furniture.

*click to make bigger, as i had to use photobucket and their pics are so teensy; also, please note the blue chair, which i slipcovered myself!*


Anonymous said...

I bet it's lovely to lie on the couch and look out the window----

It all looks very cheery.


Nice job on the slipcover Sweetie... is that *piping* I see on it? Whoah, I don't think I would have tackled a sewing project with *piping* involved! Good for you!

So, are the kitchen pics making you consider making a little jaunt up to see the final result? =) It's almost presentable...



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