Friday, April 06, 2007

some indelicate things

1. Shadow ate something and puked EIGHT times all over the house two days ago. She feels better and I wouldn't have blogged on her if she hadn't been lying at my feet FARTING for the last two days.

It smells terrible.

2. A long long time ago *about a month), K. and I were at a social event along with a lot of other people. As well as an orangey tan girl with flashy jewelry and boobs pushed up to HERE, framed by her long dyed-blond tresses. All the fakeness aside-- she was pretty cute. So I reacted with genuine jealousy when I saw K. staring at knows.

"I can't believe you looked at her hoo-haws," I said, and punched him.
He rubbed his arm and looked at me. "It's like staring at a guy who had caught his penis in his zipper," he said. "It's funny, indecent, and you're not sure why private parts are hanging out."

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Anonymous said...

THIS IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION !!!And definately indelicate.