Monday, April 16, 2007

running on faith, despite unseasonably cold weather and a jewish lady in new york

The sun has finally come out, and despite the fact we were wakened by Dido being sick and that a literary agent said my book was superficial and predictable, life is good.

Except the literary agent thing. Ye Gods, I feel like the woman socked me in the stomach. No matter; 'Alice and Sam' continues.

We are having people over for dinner tonight, which means I have to clean the kitchen floor. Light-gray linoleum; why, oh why?

But the sun is out, and the smallest tomato plant thriving, and surely the peas and the beans will poke out any day now.



Big D said...

Okay, granted, I haven't read the entirety of the book. I read the first three chapters.

But, Alexe, that should be GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!! Seriously.

1. Think about what's out there.
2. Think about how *engaging* your WRITING is.

To me, it's not the plot of a book that really drives my reading... although, I will admit, I want to find out the end of your story. over half the delight of reading, for me, is sort of knowing the ending already but wanting to read anyway to find out HOW! I actually like a little predictability, with some beautiful writing thrown in and a few surprises... perfect.

you should tell that agent that she should go into a Barnes 'n' Noble or Borders and pick up some of the swill that's on the bestseller list (ahem, James Patterson), and then she should tell you why 'predicable' is a good reason to dismiss writing.

I am not comparing you to James Patterson, god knows.

I am saying that all writing, in its way, is predictable. The way that you tell that predictable story is what counts. And I love the way you tell stories.

grrrr. It's pretty cliche for me to tell you to ignore that agent, but I am telling you to ignore her. If a totally cliche action could ever feel new and fresh and meaningful, then it feels that way now.

Tangentially, i'm betting that the light gray linoleum will be a great metaphor in a book someday.

Anonymous said...

Okay - so it sucks about the book. BUT, at least you got a call back! YAY for Call backs! that means that she found some hope in your writing and wants you to practice and become a fabulous writer and she'll publish all your future novels. So get to writing!

Oh, and I've been thinking about you and wanted to say hello and that I've been thinking about you and that I think you're fabulous. And you're husband's pretty cool too.

Miss you, but I'll talk to you soooooon!!!
~Crazy Sarah
(because there's no other way to describe me)