Tuesday, April 10, 2007

God stuff

Today, I spent my morning walk telling God that I did not understand his plan, but that I believe he has one.

God probably did not need to hear this. I did.

Yesterday, K. and I tracked down the owner of an empty house high on a hill outside of town. It's in the city limits and within walking distance of downtown, but it's on the outskirts, with a long dirt road leading up to it, a bofunk white house that seems to be a bungalow added onto in a higglepiggle fashion, a fair amount of pretty land, a beautiful leaning barn, and a heck of a view. We both really like it.

The lady who owns it moved in with her son in a different town after her husband died over a year ago. We did not speak to her, but her daughter-in-law assures us that she has no interest in selling.

It might not be so frustrating if this was not the fourth empty place we've made offers on. And people, this is not a big town; we're about out of houses.

It's been really hard to fall in love with the town and be ready and willing to commit and not be able to find a place to call our own. That was the major allure of Mississippi, after all; a place to settle, to plant a garden, to get chickens, and instead we have about the same size yard in our rented house that we did in DC.

I can see God's hand in how we got here; I just have a hard time understanding why the next step is taking so long. Which is why I keep saying to myself that God has a plan, and I do not understand it, but it is there.

Man, am I impatient.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't think that whole patience thing comes very easily to the 1st borns. Or perhaps just those of us that like being in control. You've yearned to make your own home since I've first known you. I have no doubt that it will happen. Just like I'll actually meet a nice guy one day. Catlin no longer has seizures. Dad has a farm. And you married your sweetheart!!! Life is GOOD, girl. And patience is a virtue I do not have. Faith is a virtue I am starting to have--- sadly that in itsself requires tons of patience. I miss you! Call me! Stinks

Anonymous said...

Another firstborn checking in here--and who has spent a LOT of time learning over and over and over again that God's time is not our time,another way I suppose of saying we need to park our impatience and always know we see only a very small corner of what's really going on.The limitations are ours,not God's.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alexe, Alexe. How can you complain about God taking so long to help you find a house? (What do you think he is anyway, a realtor?) Don’t you know how cruel he is? For example, when Elisha was going to Bethel, a group of children began teasing him about being bald. You know what God did to punish them? He sent two bears out of the woods to kill them (2 Kings 2:23-24). That’s right, God MURDERED 42 children for TEASING someone. Consider yourself lucky.

Anonymous said...

god god god
blah blah blah

is it just a way for you to release yourself from all accountablilty or responsibility to say everything is gods will.. gods way...gods plan?? gods choice gods this gods that..god has a plan..if you screw up..its was gods plan..i was supposed to do that..its gods way of teaching me..god god god..Take responsibility,,,find your own house..work hard ..fail once in a while..succeed too..but for gods sake dont keep giving up your own free will.and your own strength and put it all in the context of god... I dont think god really wants a bunch of unaccountable sheep....
but thats just my opinion.....