Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The white flag is in the wash, because someone pooped/puked/peed on it

K. is in New Orleans on business. Last night he ate at a great restaurant for free and then slept in a hotel suite by HIMSELF.

What's with that? He should be in OUR bed, the air mattress that has a leak so you have to re-inflate it every hour or so, getting puked on by a gassy baby and listening to our toddler scream.

You know, like me.

Babies totally kick my ass.


smartinof4steve said...

Listen here sweet cheeks,
The air mattress leaksd only on MY SIDE, and I've been the one re-enflating 5 times a night for the past 3 weeks. Your side stays right where you put it.

That's all I've got though. I put the lights out and even though I dreamed about waking up, I'm pretty sure I didn't move a muscle until this morning.

Anonymous said...

why are you sleeping on an air mattress that leaks?

Angela Atkins said...

I have an air mattress that you can borrow...