Friday, July 03, 2009

The day before the Fourth of July

(We also got a care package from Eliza. Noise sticks!)

Today, Caspian turns one month. Tomorrow, America turns something or another... (a lot? come on. even if I tried to do the math, I'd get it wrong.)

In K&A news-- K's mother is still here, taking the babies at dawn, sweeping the floors, and generally making herself invaluable. (This two-kid/new baby thing will be a lot harder when she leaves and I am on my own during the days for the first time. But on the other hand, my midwife recommended I drink a beer or two every day with a meal to promote lactation. Every new mother should be prescribed beer.)

Annaliese's school has a fourth-of-July parade today. I ran around and took pictures like the crazy mom I am rapidly becoming.

And Caspian... well, as K said today, we don't have much of a sense of his personality yet. His brain is still loading (ever heard of the fourth trimester? Google it. Fascinating.) But on the other hand, he fell asleep today holding my hand, seems to like me, and is slowly but surely awakening to the world around him. Today he smiled!

So cheers:

To Caspian and America, for still being here

To Maman C, for letting me take naps and understanding the necessity to sweep the floors every day

And to a cold Guinness at bedtime!

Happy Fourth!

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