Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An explanation about the air mattress

So, K's really tall. We used to sleep on a custom-made mattress for a custom-made bed that was given to us by my aunt and made for her father, but it is narrower than a full, and as we moved/welcomed Caspian we made the decision to put the bed in storage and buy ourselves a new custom-made mattress, one as wide as a queen but longer than anything on the market.

And then I read about how fire retardant can contaminate your breast milk, and decided that we didn't need THAT chemical sprayed on our mattress either.

Can we say ka-ching?

So we're waiting a little bit, saving up, not compromising, and meanwhile the air mattress was working fine.

Until K's side (it's got two comfort level thingies) sprung a slow leak.

That's the explanation.

In other news... we have one laying hen dutifully depositing an egg a day,, but the rest are slacking off. No matter.

Annaliese likes to crawl into Caspian's bassinet, a pacifier hanging from the corner or her mouth like a pirate with a cigar, and say, night-night! (Let it be noted she would.never.sleep.in.the.bassient.not.ever and she also never took a pacifier.)

Caspian is still definitely a newborn....he cries, saves up poop, wakes, etc...but the scale is pretty manageable, knock on wood. He is not even 6 weeks old and last night we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which I highly recommend) in its entirety with him sacked out on my lap. Not so bad, n'est pas?

In less fun news, K apparently thinks Mila Kunis (that 70s show) is pretty cute. He got that sheepish grin when he nonchalantly said something about her last night (she's in the movie) that revealed his mini-crush. Sorry I can't COMPETE right now, I just had your SECOND CHILD. Idiot.

Although this pic does not reveal it, we got the chicken yard up, so they now spend afternoons and evenings wandering around outside. The fresh-grass pens come later, once the scrap wood is moved.

Oh, and we have a major mice problem in the attic. I have considered getting a cat and throwing it up there, but the poor thing would probably die of the heat. Summers in Mississippi are my least favorite part of the year.

Feel updated! Off to bathe the baby.


Anonymous said...

love the southern gothic bit there--

Sooooo--- I think i missed something in the mattress story--or are you feeling crabby???

Hang in there and enjoy your coffee---
they will get older and go poop without your assistance and summer is always followed by fall. At least,so far.

Angela Atkins said...


1. Offer to borrow our queen size really nice air mattress stands.

2. My mom says I did that to my sister too.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is awesome.

4. Mila Kunis is pretty cute, but whatev. She's also not even five feet tall. She wouldn't even hit K's armpit. And short girls eventually look dumpy.

5. Get a cat anyway, but just let it roam around. They'll get the mice going or coming. Old houses need cats. Try FURR (a rescue group ).