Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thoughts on Babies, #999

As much as I hate to be one of those girls, every picture taken of me since Caspian's birth horrifies me. I'm a vain lady, and I am not looking my best these days. So y'all are just going to have to wait until I deem myself half-way decent-looking again. (I keep thinking I should be back to normal by now, and then I'm like, oh yeah: two babies in 17 months, dumbass. Let's hold our sh*t together until Christmas, at least-- if at that point the stroller-walking and crunches and no carbs between meals hasn't worked, then you can freak out and spend money on fat camp or something).

So until then, behold some TRUE beauty:

Caspian smiles all the time. ALL THE TIME. Especially when you make eye contact and coo, "Who's Mama's boy? WHO IS MAMA'S BOY?" because he ain't no fool.

The light comes through to the dining room so beautifully in the morning. Sets Annaliese's curls a-glowing and the red of the zinnias just makes me HAPPY.

And this? I was crouching behind her crib in the doorway Wednesday, when she stayed home and had an afternoon lie-down with her much loved copy of The Big Red Barn.

She now asks to be put down for naps and bedtime with a book. How awesome is SHE?

Right now, my children and my house are my world (with the occasional Farmers' Market foray). It's not a very big world, no. But I don't think we can have everything all at once, and so I am doing my best to take professional satisfaction from things like swept floors and clean diapers; friend contact from emails and phone calls and the occasional lunch/beer out; marital harmony from savoring the few conscious minutes when we go to bed at the same time (one of my favorite things, but I am perennially ready for bed, and K always wants to watch a movie! Bake banana bread! Perhaps because I am the one getting up at 1 and 4?!); alone time on the morning walk I take with Caspian, when he falls asleep in the stroller and I can walk and think my own thoughts for a blissful half-hour.

All that being said, I am one LUCKY ASS WOMAN. Because I do not KNOW how women with young-uns like mine deal with having them both home at the same time. I only have to cope for 3 hours by myself during the week, from 2:30-5:30, and I am unrepently glad. Annaliese's play school is worth every dime.

Can you beleive we were all babies once? Hard to comprehend. And strangely, if you ask your mother, chances are she won't remember much from those first hard months. I can barely remember Annaliese's-- it's as if she's been going to bed at 7 and taking 2-hour naps FOREVER, when really it took over a solid year.

Anyhow, cheers!

NB. K came home irked by me saying that my world is bebes and house, no mention of him. When what I mean is you know, world! Daytime world! He goes to the office, I go to... bebes and house! Then he comes home and we're in Family World! He should know I like him best because I'm always saying things like-- how old do the kids have to be before we can leave them and go to Iceland?

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If you'd like to see my beautiful, if slightly crazy and self deprecating, wife, I post photos at least a couple times a year. :)