Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our phone line got zapped last week and killed some piece of eqipment necessary to connect to the Internet. But since it also heralded a cold front that has us with our AC shut off, cool nights, and even some gloriously cool damp days of soft rain, I haven't minded much.


Things have been so good, in fact, that yesterday evening's insanity of bawling children (culminating in Annaliese spilling passionflower extract UP HER NOSE) and last night's misery of K and I like Jack-in-the-Boxes between our two children has left me relatively unphased.

However, Annaliese has a cold. Which means she's staying home with me and the baby. All day, by ourselves. So we'll see how long this good cheer of mine holds up! Especially considering K's leaving at 7am on Saturday to spend the day kayaking with friends on the mighty Mississippi! Leaving me-- you guessed it-- with our two kids all day. (He asked, though, and I said yes. So I'm not giving him poop. Just a little elbow nudge in the direction of undying gratitude.)

Chickens are good. I've decided to plant a chasteberry tree this fall behind the house, near our bedroom. Annaliese can now say "ap-bul" and asks for one every afternoon as snack. I can now, just barely, squeeze myself into pre-pregnancy jeans.

We're getting back to real life.

--Annaliese is her new and adored Hanna Anderson jacket, a present from K's boss. We have to hide it or she insists on wearing it/dragging it around like her treasured blankie.
dCaspian YESTERDAY, smiling like a champ.
And an older pic of Caspian and his Grandmama at the Farmers' Market. Note the Polo onesie. I admit to buying that for him my very self.

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