Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Very Little Big News

We've got a couple pieces of news in these parts.

First, the Movie on Main Street event I've been planning happens tomorrow evening. Since everyone who's worked on it with me ROCKS (vacuuming up fire ants? check. building a screen? check. designing this beautiful poster? oh, check check.), I am not as worried as I might be. Still, let's hope it goes well: aka people come and have a good time.

Second, Annaliese has a new tooth. This makes 5, and I'm sure the 6th will come in soon, as they tend to come in pairs.

Third, the odds are pretty good that K. and I will be having our second child in late May/early June. According to the sonogram, we're 7weeks and 4days in, although it's ludicrous to think they can tell the days... the bebe is the size of a pea, but boasts a heartbeat, which is all you can expect at this point.

And yes: this will mean two children under the age of 2 (Annaliese will be about 16months at sibling-date).

Someone hire me a nanny and a housecleaner, post STAT. 


Anonymous said...

WOW! Congrats again. I'm very excited for you both.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- forgot to sign. It's Stinkie.

Mel Francis said...

whooohoo baby #2!

Big D said...


Anonymous said...

Excellente nouvelle venant du Sud . En effet , vous aurez besoin d'une nourrice !!! Rapprochez-vous du nord les enfants avant que je sois trop vieille pour garder les petits enfants !!! Grosses bises , maman

Anonymous said...

trop vieux pour garder les petits enfants? horreurs!

Anonymous said...

Great News! Lexi and K>E>C>

If it's a boy, will you can him
"Juan Mississippi Coughlin" ?

trop vielle, peut-etre... on ne sais jamais...

all kidding aside,
It's all too exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

that's "call" him :( oops


Big D said...


I INSIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please children , brush up your French to understand it all !!!"Avant que" means before I ... God Bless , maman